How To Take Care of a Slowpitch Softball Bat

Nowadays, advanced technologies do a very good job in increasing durability of slowpitch softball bats. However, a slowpitch softball bat is not a small investment and it’s better to know how to take care of your bats properly.

Break-in period

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One of the advantages of aluminum bat is that it could be ready to use right after purchasing, so you don’t have to worry about break-in period. However, a break-in period is necessary for composite bats to be able to perform up to its potential. The more proper you break in you bat, the better performance it can achieve. The best way to break in a normal composite bat is use it to hit balls for 100- 150 times. It seems quite simple but there are some basic rules that we should keep in mind in break-in period.

  • Firstly, you should try to hit the balls on as many spots on the barrel as possible. One of the useful tips is rotating the bats 900 after a hit.
  • Dimple ball or rubber ball could damage you bat if you try to hit it more than 100 times in break-in period. Normal softball is best choice for break-in.
  • It would be ineffective to use maximum power to hit the balls right from beginning of break-in process. It’s better to increase power level after each swing.

Besides, there are some other break-in techniques which use hammer, mallet or some special devices. Those techniques could help you to save time and effort considerably but some of them are considered illegal in some certain leagues. Hence, it’s recommended to use traditional break-in technique by hitting ball naturally. Fortunately, recently, bat makers are able to produce slowpitch softball bats which have much shorter break-in period or even doesn’t need breaking-in.


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Temperature is another important factor that we should pay attention because composite bat is reported to be damaged at temperature under 55.0 degree Fahrenheit (approximately 12.8 degree Celsius). However, this minimum temperature varies among many types of composite materials which are used to make the bat. Normally, bat makers will provide limit temperature which the bat should be used in. It’s recommended to completely avoid using bat out of that limit temperature.

Additional Tips

There are many kinds of bats and each bat fits with a specific individual players. Therefore, one bat shouldn’t be shared among too many people.

In addition, to reduce tear and wear, you should keep the bat in its leather cover and put at proper places with suitable temperature, not too hot or too cold.

Using right type of ball is also critical because if you use dimple balls to practice with a softball bat, damage to you bat is only the matter of time.

Last but not least, slowpitch softball bats are specially made to play softballs, all usage of bats outside softball matches and practices should be avoided.

In conclusion, the more carefully you use your bat when playing, practicing, the longer you could use that bat and the better performance you could achieve. However, decrease in bat quality after long-time usage is unavoidable. Therefore, it’s better to check you bat regularly to find out any damage as soon as possible.

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