Top 5 Golf Push Cart 2016

Basically, there are 6 main factors that golfers should take into consideration when buying new golf push cart: price, storage, brake, durability, stability, compact size. The 5 golf push carts listed below are the ones that could meet customers’ satisfaction on these 6 factors and are rated as the best golf push carts of 2016.

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Caddytek Ez-Fold 3 Wheel

Caddytek Ez-Fold has amazed many golfers with its “one-click button”. This is patented feature of Caddytek which allows golf push cart to be easily folded into compact size in just 2 simple steps. Its storage is not as large as Clicgear 3.5+’s but it’s enough for golfers to store most of their necessary stuffs on the golf course. Besides, Caddytek Ez-Fold has a cool box which could keep several bottles of drinks cool during a golf match. This golf push cart is equipped with a patented brake system which could be controlled effectively by pressing. Strong aluminum frame also ensure sturdiness and durability. Affordable price (around 130 – 150 USD) is another strong point of this product.

Clicgear Model 3.5+

Clicgear 3.5+ is at the top of many lists of best golf push carts in 2016; it has received numerous compliments for many amazing features. In term of design, Clicgear 3.5+ has simple yet sleek and attractive look with many color options. Every part of the cart is made from high-quality materials and specially designed to provide golfers with great comfort, easy use and long durability. But the factor that makes Clicgear 3.5+ loved by many golf players is its storage and accessories. This golf push cart has large storage and many others accessories which could store and organize all kinds of golf equipment and golfers’ belongings nicely. The biggest problem of Clicgear 3.5+ is its high price which is approximately 220 USD.

Caddytek Superlite Deluxe

Among the golf push carts that are praised and got best rate from golfers in 2016, Caddytek Superlite Deluxe has the lowest price. Despite cheap price, this golf push cart has good durability and considerable usefulness. The bag holder is so flexible that it could hold golf bag of any size. Besides, there are also mesh net which provides enough space for basic golfers’ stuffs, a drink holder and umbrella holder. Another outstanding feature is the patentedfoot brake system that could be applied and released easily by pushing your foot. Caddytek Superlite Deluxe has simple design but its compact size is quite bulky, this is the most noticeable weakness of this product.

Clicgear Model 8.0 Golf Push Cart

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Clicgear golf carts’ prices are usually on the higher side compared to other brands but this model 8.0 is even the most expensive golf push cart from this brand. Its price is 50 USD higher than model 3.5+ which is already considered expensive. However, this Clicgear Model 8.0 is perfect choice for golfers who prioritize stability and durability when buying golf push cart. The frame made from oversize aluminum tube and 4 study wheels can keep the golf push cart stable and balanced even in rough terrains. It also doesn’t lack in storage. Clicgear model 8.0 is able to store and keep most of necessary golf stuffs. Umbrella holder and cup holder are also available. The only detail that received a few complaints from customers is the brake which occasionally doesn’t work smoothly.

Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart

The biggest strong point of Bag Boy C3 is durability thanks to its well-built and solid design as well as water resistant materials. When not in use, this cart could be folded into compact size without any difficulty. Besides, it has decent storage that helps golfers to keep and organize their stuff nicely. Another strong point is the smoothness when moving, golfers always feel comfortable when pushing this cart. Bag Boy C3 Golf Push Cart has quite good price point, only less than 200 USD.

Hopefully, this list is helpful to you to select a good golf push cart for yourself.

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