How To Choose The Best Youth Baseball Bats

In baseball, the bats play an important role because it will directly affect players’ performance. It’s not easy to find a good baseball bat that could help to optimize your ability. It’s even more complicated to choose a youth baseball bat because obviously junior players have different requirements and specifications compared to adult ones. However, basically, there are 7 factors that you should think of carefully before choosing.

best youth baseball bats


There are two main materials for a best baseball bat: aluminum and wood. Each type has its own strengths and drawbacks. Wooden bats are more well-balanced and safer; but on the other hand, it’s heavier than aluminum one, so it’s somehow difficult for kids to handle heavy wooden bats. Aluminum bats are much lighter, cheaper, more durable and could produce stronger swing but less safe. Those are the reason why wooden bats are preferred by professional players while aluminum bats are more popular choice for youth players. However, choosing which material strongly depends on how the kids feel of the bat. As long as they are comfortable with the bats when swinging or holding the bat, that bat is suitable for them regarding which material it’s made of.

Length and weight

Length and weight are always the most important factors to consider when buying any baseball bat. To the youth players, it’s even more important because children always grow very fast. Fortunately, there are size charts which show suitable size of baseball bats for different children at various weight and height. And in order to read the chart correctly, it’s better to check weight and height of the children right before buying new baseball bats. In addition, weight needs a little bit more attention than length of bat. A child would find it difficult to swing a heavy bat, it also could cause harm to children’s body. On the other hand, if the bat is too light, the children could develop wrong swing technique. Hence, it’s crucial to choose balanced and well weighted bats.It’s recommended to choose heavier bat for children who have strength and lighter bat for small ones.

Leagues validity

Every youth leagues have different regulations regarding bats. Therefore, it’s necessary to check leagues’ regulation before choosing which bat to buy.


Choosing barrel depends on children’s strong point. If the child is good at make ball contact, it’s better to choose small barrel to maximize swing speed and power. In contrast, if the child is good at swinging but lacking in making contact, bigger barrel is better choice.


Children normally don’t grip the bats as firmly as adult, so sometimes the bat may slip out off their hands when they are swinging too hard. Therefore, a handle of youth baseball bat should be a knob at the end to prevent accidents.

In conclusion, parents should be extremely careful when buying baseball bat for their children. The best method is checking reviews, recommendations, suggestions from others and then bringing the children to brick-and-mortar stores to test the bats carefully.

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