Golf Driver – All You Should Know

The GOLF DRIVER – how to type it? No perfection without a good putting in game!! The best┬ádriver is to get a maximum distance for setting the game, but how do I use it at best to release his power while remaining straight?

The golf driver is a mythical club, a manly club that males like to type well, because they can express their power, even if they then end up in the rough or in the forest. Do not forget that a good game allows you to attack the green in good conditions, so count the number of greens you take in regulation, because with putting, it will be the key to performance.

golf swing

Here are the basic basics for typing straight and far

Golfer’s gesture with delay When the ball is not straight, it is 99% a problem of grip or gesture, both are easy to modify, even if it is sometimes uncomfortable for a few days.

1- Change only one element of gesture after another, never several at a time.

2- If you draw a visual parallel in front of your feet, your gesture must ALWAYS be in a plane so that if you are back to a wall (without touching it) your golf driver should NEVER touch the wall during the entire gesture And downhill.

3- The grip should be in general, strong left hand and right hand weak, so see only the slice of the first phalange that is that of the index

4- Do not dance with your legs during the gesture, move them as little as possible

5- Practice in your living room without any club to get late.

6- Always look with all the clubs, the impact of the head in the ball is fundamental.

7- Respect the flex according to your speed and open the loft.

8- When you hit, you must always have the feeling of not being thorough, even if it is frustrating.

Obligatory to avoid the slice: Your feet well to dishes left lifted shoulder blocked underarm and play with the dominant left arm (for right handed) coming out right as the footballer, tennis player, table tennis, rugby player or ricochets in water with a stone. How comes the slice? It does not occur suddenly, but gradually settled and intensified. This is not dramatic from the time or you will kindly take care of it. Do not do anything, look at the list below which causes you to this side effect and at first, deal only with it and not the rest, because we cannot treat all problems both change and a grip is very uncomfortable for example. If you’re struggling to identify problems, ask your nearest partner or call me. Remember on the course of the footballer image brushing the ball!! You in dealing with these major cause of the slice, you reduce the effects immediately and after 4 weeks you will be completely free

Basis of reflection

It will be necessary to adopt a golf driver compatible with your gesture and not modify your gesture to adapt it to the golf driver. This is not a small business believe me, I know something with the 121 golf drivers I have tested for 7 years. At some point, as soon as you have the chance, you will have to measure the speed of your golf driver’s head at impact. 2 possibilities, your speed is less than 95 M / H (150 Kilometers / hour) or it will be higher. Here is my page to test your speed.

My advice will be not to imitate other players, but to adapt your own game with the best of others and be rigorous.

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