What Clubs Should Be In Your Golf Bag?

Are you a golf beginner and have already successfully finished your golf course test and want to start now? Of course you would like to purchase the best golf clubs for beginners.

The only question is: What actually belongs to a golf bag? What bats should I have and what are they suitable for? In the following we would like to give you a brief introduction to this topic.

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Golfbags can be roughly divided into two versions

– Carry bags

– Stand-Bags

Carry bags are smaller and more handy and, as the name suggests, are worn by the golfer himself on the Golf round (unlike the lucky golfing pros like Martin Kaymer and Tiger Woods, who can admire them on TV and their own caddy Who carries the golf bag in black for the pros across the court). Put the bag on the ground to the side of the legs, so that the bag is secure and the golfer can remove the appropriate racket from the bag.

Stand bags are much more voluminous than carry bags. During the round, they are strapped onto a cart (called Caddy) and pulled by the golfer on the round in front or behind. Since this is much easier to carry than a carry-bag over the 5 to 7 kilometers during an 18-hole round, most golfers opt for this variant. Carry bags are often used by beginners and especially by younger golfers.

But what comes into the golf bag now?

According to the international rules of golf, a golfer may take 14 bats with the Golf round. There he should think carefully, for which he decides. The following club categories exist:

Driver: is a golf club, which is used for teeing on longer holes. Sometimes it is also called wood 1.

– Fairway woods: are usually used for beatings from the tee or fairway (less often even with the good position of the ball also from the semi-high grass, the semi-rough).

– Hybrid or rescue wood:  have only appeared at the beginning of the 21st century and are a mixture of iron and wood bats. They are usually chosen as replacements for an iron or wood.

– Iron: are used for the middle beats in the range of 70 to 180m. They have a rather trapezoidal bat head that is rarely completely hollow.

– Wedges:  are bats for short strokes around the green (under 100 m) or for difficult situations (bunkers, ditches, tall grass). They are similar in structure and material to the iron bats, but are distinguished by a rounded, rather balloon-shaped bat head.

– Putter: is used for the game on the green, sometimes also on the foreground. In contrast to all other bats, the flight of the ball is not aimed here, but the goal-oriented run on the ground.


How do you put your 14 golf clubs together?

As you can see, there are a variety of golf clubs, from which each golfer must find his personal ideal mix for his bag. This could look for example: Driver, Wood 3, Wood 5, Rescue 5, Iron 4-9, Sandwedge, Pitchingwedge, Lobwedge as well as a putter.

Also in every bag: A towel, a pitch fork, a ball marker, enough golf balls (water injuries unfortunately everywhere!), enough to drink as well as small things to eat, such as fruit or chocolate.

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