Best composite fast pitch softball bat of 2017

Composite fastpitch bats are getting more and more popular because composite bats have outperformed alloy bat in many aspects such as durability and performance. Besides, thanks to the development of modern technologies, most of drawbacks of composite bats such as break-in period or vibration have been solved effectively. The 2017 softball season has started; let’s take a look at the list of composite fast pitch softball bats which are anticipated the most.

Rawlings Quatro Fast pitch Bat

Rawlings Quatro Composite High School/Collegiate Fast Pitch Softball Bat


Rawlings has stepped up their game in 2017 with the amazing Rawlings Quatro. 2017 Rawlings can satisfy all softball players, especially the powerful hitter in every aspect from performance, trampoline effect to minimum vibration. Regarding construction, it is 2- piece 100% composite balanced bat with 2.25-inch barrel and is approved in most of major leagues. Continue reading