10 Things To Check Before Purchasing A Pregnancy Pillow

The best maternity pillow is your best friend when you suffer from heavy legs, sciatica and back pain during your pregnancy. What does it do exactly? Besides effectively replace the mild belly of Mr, it allows the pregnant woman to relieve her back and the feeling of heavy legs or simply to find a suitable position for sleep or rest. Thereafter, it can also serve as models when the mother is breastfeeding or bottle feed serving to wedge the baby in her arms. Here are 10 important points to check before making your purchasing decision.

tips for sleep well during pregnancy

1. The filling

The pregnancy pillow (also known as a breastfeeding cushion) is a long strand filled with small balls made of polystyrene which makes it possible to install comfortably a mother to the body in mutation and often painful.

The quality of the filling also affects the noise. If you are sensitive, choose a cushion with the finest possible filling. Continue reading